Reinstate Your Membership

Are you a former Junior League Member?

Come back!  We miss you!

We hope that you might consider reinstating with the Junior League of Oklahoma City to reignite your passion for serving in our community.

We know everyone has different reasons for joining the Junior League. Whether you were seeking professional or social connections, an avenue for social service, or unique training opportunities, those opportunities are all still here, and we would love the chance to reignite your commitment to our shared organization.

Our JLOC’s membership is nearly 1,400 strong. Currently, we are engaged in developing the potential of women and community projects that collectively promote our focus area of supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Also, we are proud to offer our members many unique social and educational opportunities throughout the year. We invite and encourage you to join us again in our mission of Building a Better Oklahoma City.

In short, it is a compelling time to reinstate your membership.


Reinstating your membership is quick and easy!

Click Here to Reinstate as a JLOC Active Member.
Click Her to Reinstate as a JLOC Sustaining Member. 


Please contact or if you have any questions.