1930s through 1960s

1935 – 1940

  • “Survey on Arts and Interests” for AJLA Children’s Theatre Department created
  • Health Center in Walnut Grove adds a third clinic

1940 – 1945

  • Financed “Survey of Child Guidance Clinic”
  • Produced “Junior Bookshelf” series under new Radio Department
  • Oklahoma Arts Council initiated by Junior League Arts Chairmen
  • Child Guidance Clinic established with Sunbeam Home Association
  • “Volunteer Service Bureau Survey” made by Junior League Members
  • Health Center released to Variety Club

1945 – 1950

  • Sponsored United States War Bond Party
  • Inaugurated sponsoring of two Children’s Symphonies annually
  • Sponsored Beaux Arts Ball; Establishment of Community Workshop of Oklahoma City, Inc.
  • Recreational Therapy Department initiated at Crippled Children’s Hospital
  • Puppet Show, “Rumpelstiltskin,” invited to appear at Festival of Puppeteers of America
  • Host to Regional Conference (1948)
  • Host to Festival of Puppeteers of America “Technical Conference on Puppetry” for AJLA (1948)
  • “Tune Up Time” produced for in-school broadcasts

1950 – 1955

  • Puppet Show, “Hansel and Gretel,” invited to appear at Festival of Puppeteers of America
  • Financed and partially staffed nursery at Crippled Children’s Hospital
  • Arts and crafts project at School for the Deaf
  • School of Speech and Hearing, Inc., a building corporation, was formed with representation from OU and JLOC
  • Broke ground for the School of Speech and Hearing building (1953-54)

1955 – 1960

  • Host to Regional Conference (1955)
  • Children’s Studio established at the Library to offer art classes for elementary school children
  • Financial assistance for the initial operation of Child Study Center
  • Hand Puppet Group organized
  • Coordinated “Conference on Handicapped Children”
  • Inaugurated Children’s Museum at Art Center
  • First Junior League Art Gallery at Headquarters
  • Staffed Child Study Center

1960 – 1965

  • Sponsored “National Conference of Social Workers”
  • Puppetry theater completed first educational TV shows
  • Coordinated “Conference on Handicapped Children” and staffed Information Desk at University Hospital
  • Developed Rotating Children’s Library Project
  • Sponsored “American Pageant of the Arts” Telecast
  • Coordinated “Gerrer Exhibit” for Science and Arts Foundation
  • Enlarged the Thrift Shop
  • Provided funds to remodel the Child Study Center
  • Educational TV performed at the Puppeteers of America Festival

1965 – 1970

  • Art Slide Program initiated and donated to Art Center
  • Moderated “Young People’s Masterpieces”
  • Nurses’ aides at University Hospital and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • Initiated establishment of the Oklahoma City Arts Council
  • New projects were: Zoo Education, Youth Counseling and Child Development Center, Touchstone School, and the Planned Parenthood Association
  • Coordinated the “National Citizens Planning Conference”
  • Coordinated “Seminar for Agency and Volunteer Education”
  • Developed and funded Children’s Museum at Western Heritage Center, Volunteer Bureau, and Arts projects
  • New Headquarters
  • Thrift Shop purchased at 1010 N. Virginia
  • Probation workers in Juvenile Court
  • Three shows of Oklahoma State Exhibition Board for “Focus on the Arts”