Membership Criteria

Age: A prospective member must have reached her 21st birthday as of May 31 of the year for which you are applying.

Residency: A prospective member must reside within the Oklahoma City area or suburb thereof. Specific boundaries are Seward Road to the north, Banner Road to the west, Pottawatomie Road to the east, and Indian Hills Road to the south. If you reside outside these parameters and wish to apply as a “Non-Resident” Provisional, please email Jenna Hudson, our 2018 – 2019 Provisional Admissions and Training (PAT) Chair.

Sponsors: All prospective provisional members are required to be sponsored by a woman who is currently in good standing of the Junior League of Oklahoma City. This member can be an Active or Sustaining member. Prospective members who do not have a sponsor must submit three letters of reference.

All eligible applicants will be invited to join our 2019-2020 Provisional program, which will begin in April 2019 and be completed in May 2020. To begin this process, please click HERE.