Oklahoma City Metro Literacy Coalition

In 2004, the Junior League adopted a 10-year literacy focus and in 2006 was instrumental in establishing the Literacy Coalition for Oklahoma City. At the end of 2008, all new JLOC community projects contained a literacy component and volunteers strived to meet the overall goal of improving literacy in the community.

VISION:  Metropolitan Oklahoma City is a fully literate community.

MISSION: To lead an active collaboration of literacy learners, providers, and supporters, in order to strengthen services and to present a united voice for literacy in Metropolitan Oklahoma City.

CORE VALUES:  The OKCMLC holds these core values as it administers the charge from the community:

  • RESPECT – To value the inherent potential and dignity of individuals by encouraging growth and opportunity.
  • INNOVATION – To actively seek and promote creative and resourceful means of delivering literacy services.
  • COLLABORATION – To build community partnerships that best serve the needs of learners, providers, and supporters.
  • EQUALITY – To foster inclusive learning environments where differences are valued and treated with respect.
  • LEADERSHIP – To mobilize and empower partners to be visible champions for literacy.
  • DEDICATION – To commit fully to the vision, mission, goals, and program of the Coalition.


  • To increase public awareness of literacy and to take an active role in community initiatives which fulfill the vision of the coalition including: Assistance line for referrals; Website for resources; Awareness campaign
  • To promote and pilot professional development by encouraging efficient and effective services which include: Dissemination of best practices among the providers; Training; Development of Personal Relationships; Communication; Review and Evaluation
  • To advocate for literacy and to sustain the viability of the coalition by developing and directing resources for greatest impact.
  • To identify and address the gaps and needs in services always keeping literacy as the coalition priority.