Partner Agencies

Beginning in 2014, JLOC’s focus area for volunteer efforts became, “A healthy community begins with you – encouraging healthy living, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy YOU.” As such, we strive to partner volunteers with projects containing a Health focus – physical, emotional, financial, etc.

For further information on our focus or project selection critieria, please contact Azadeh Adlamini. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Project should offer constructive opportunities that utilize the capabilities of the volunteers.
  • Project should take place in the Greater Oklahoma City area.
  • Project should strive to include at least 10 Junior League members working together.
  • Project cannot involve any fundraising activities or development of fundraising activities.
  • Project should have measurable outcomes.
  • Project proposal should address the length of Junior League involvement and the plans for the project to continue after Junior League involvement ends.