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Alex Brady, Mistletoe Market Chair

Jeanie Butts, Sustaining Advisor

Kristen Ferate, Fundraising Vice President

Bria Hanlon, Arrangements Chair/Mistletoe Market Vice Chair

Brooke Jensen, Arrangements Vice Chair

Emme Cotton, Personnel Chair

Whitney Pence, Special Events Active Co-Chair

Christi Coyle, Special Events Sustaining Co-Chair

Moira McCarthy-Parham, Special Events Vice Chair

Lauren Lembo-Kelliher, Treasury Chair

Ann Richard-Farinha, Treasury Vice Chair

Sarah Klepacki, Decorations Chair

Lori Nordstrom, Merchant Chair

Katherine Hager, Merchant Vice Co-Chair

Miranda Hines, Merchant Vice Co-Chair

Sarah Miller, Hospitality Active Co-Chair

Ann Trudgeon, Hospitality Sustaining Co-Chair

Meg McElhaney, Print and Marketing Chair

Hillary Ashton, Print and Marketing Vice Chair

Lydia Sullivan Benham, Financial Development Chair