Become a Partner Agency

The Junior League of Oklahoma City annually accepts applications for new community partners. Beginning in 2014, JLOC’s focus area for volunteer efforts became, “A healthy community begins with you – encouraging healthy living, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy YOU.” As such, partner project proposals should contain a Health focus for consideration.

We are not currently accepting new community partner applications. Please check back in early 2019 for the next application window.

For further information, questions or clarification, please contact Azadeh Adlamini. We look forward to hearing from you!


While we strive to offer projects for our volunteers at different times of day, a significant number of our volunteers have indicated a preference for projects that take place in the evening.


Traditional projects enable a team of members (10 or more individuals) to be trained to volunteer together for a total of forty hours during the year. The hours may be concentrated over a week/weekend, the summer, fall or spring semesters or continue throughout the year from June to May. Traditional projects must address our current focus area, Health. Your agency can apply for one or both types of these projects.

Variety Pack projects require a minimum of three women, each contributing eight hours to plan and implement the project, preferably to be completed in one day. Minimal training and preparation would be required for this option. Projects of this nature do not have to address the current focus area, Health.


  • Project should offer constructive opportunities that utilize the capabilities of the volunteers.
  • Project should take place in the Greater Oklahoma City area.
  • Project should strive to include at least 10 Junior League members working together.
  • Project cannot involve any fundraising activities or development of fundraising activities.
  • Project should have measurable outcomes.
  • Project proposal should address the length of Junior League involvement and the plans for the project to continue after Junior League involvement ends.